There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


     Rick and I are determined to make our name “Wild Oak Llamas” a well know name in the industry and known for producing top quality llamas and being reputable, and following ethical practices, in short, honorable ranchers. This is not an easy task. We have to attend Llama Shows across the country competing with the top breeders out in the show-ring. Wild Oak Llamas puts on clinics to instruct folks how to shear, groom and trim toe nails to provide good herd management. Rick volunteered as the superintendent of the Grass Valley Llama Show for three years. This show was held for 18 years in Grass Valley every Memorial Day weekend.

    In 2010 we tuned our breeding program up a notch by purchasing two Suri Herdsires, Silver Moon Chiri Alluro and GNLC Santiago. Crossing the Suri with the Argentine has been a great addition to our program. The Argentine adds the strong, big bone to the llama’s frame and enhances the density of the fiber. The Suri Herdsires that we own both have incredible temperament and well established reputations which really have helped to promote our breeding programs.

In 2015 life though us a curve ball and in 2016 we sold off the majority of our foundation herd.  This was extremely difficult and painful, however, we were fortunate that all of our awesome llamas went to wonderful llama families that will enjoy and love them as we did.

We were down, but not out! We were able to maintain a few special females and one of our "home grown" males to be a herdsire. We will start anew and look forward to what life brings in the future.

The end of September 2016, we moved to a new home in Bend Oregon.  We now have a beautiful 45 acre ranch, 12 of which is lush green pastures which is perfect for our herd. We are slowly growing our new foundation and being very selective on choosing the right bloodlines to begin anew.  We are still enjoying life and what it brings our way.