There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


Through the years, we have purchased and produced some incredible females. As life keeps changing, so does our breeding program.  We currently have 14 females of breeding age and four herdsire.

  • WOL Chiri Rondo is not related to any of our females so we are able to breed him to anyone of them. It will be exciting to see what he produces in the years to come.
  • El Sombro who is a 13 year old proven male we purchased last fall. He is such an awesome, conformationally correct, gentle spirit that we are excited to see what he can produce with our females.
  • Ollendick Farms Camryn a young proven male with incredible genetics to be added to our program.
  • GNLC Inspirato  our junior herdsire that just started his career as a herdsire. His bloodlines are undeniable, He should add great stretch and size to our program. Looking forward to his first offspring in the fall of 2018

Wild Oak Llamas doesn't breed our females until after they are at least 2 years of age. to allow her to mature fully before channeling her nutrients towards reproduction, and to decrease the chance of birthing complications due to the small size of her immature pelvis. 

Females are pregnant on an average of 350 days (11.5 months). Normally she will give birth to a single cria. Twins, which are rare in llamas, frequently abort due to overcrowding in the uterus. Our very first cria born in 2005 was a twin.  He was born first at 14 lbs and his dam didn't pass her placenta in the normal time line so we called friends for assistance. Turns out that there was a second cria not yet born that had died. Our friends assisted in getting the cria out and we kept the mother from knowing she had lost one. The little fellow that lived, we named Gemini so is little sister would always be with him. We have an aborted twins twice since then.

The female herd of Wild Oak Llamas is very diverse.  This is the foundation of our breeding program. Our program has changed drastically in the past year. We are excited about our new direction and look forward to seeing what our future brings.

Photos of our breeding female herd: