There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!

(GNLC Silvertone X Acashia)
DOB 4/11/2017  ILR 290779  ALSA 1011571
GNLC Silvertone and Acashia are two of our favorite llamas. When we first laid eyes on Ariana, we just had to have her. Sherri Tallmon was right on when she bred these two magnificent llamas together. Ariana is so much like her dam and shows the great characteristics from her sire as well.  Ariana is a big girl at only 8 months.  She will be attending her very first show the first of February down at the LANA Hobo Classic in Turlock Ca.  After that we will be taking her out to the MLM show in Indiana where she will be competing against the best of the best.  We are so excited to be the new owners of this incredible creature.  Keep your eyes on her in the upcoming show seasons and then what she will add to our breeding program when she becomes of age.  Rick and I are so excited with our new direction and the beginning of our new foundation.  Life is good, without a doubt.
Ariana at 7 months