There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


(GNLC Santiago  X  GNLC Soul Shaker)

DOB 8/18/2015/ ILR  289010 / ALSA 1011273

Exposed to El Sombro for a Spring 2019 cria

In 2014, we took GNLC Santiago back to his birth place at Great Northern Llama Co. in Montana to do some breeding for them.  This little gem is one of the products of that visit. We have since sold off the majority of our foundation herd; which included GNLC Santiago. 

Cinder's dam, GNLC Soul Shaker, is GNLC Merlin's full sister. The Rolfings had placed GNLC Cinder in the 2016 Cascade Sale and we were fortunate to be the high bidder at that sale and were able to add this beauty to our show string and later to our breeding program.  Since we no longer own her Sire, GNLC Santiago and wanted to have some of his bloodlines to strengthen our new program.

We are very excited to see where she will take us.



2016 Cascade Llama Show
Salem, OR April 23rd & 24th

Judge: Margaret Drew
3rd Place Silky Juvenile Female

Judge Teresa Evenson
2nd Place Silky Juvenile Female
Reserve Grand Champion Silky Female