There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!

MSF Purple Reign
GNLC Crocket X Mighty Joe's Daphne
DOB 4/23/2017 / ILR 290877 

Confirmed Bred to WOL Tumalo 
for a Spring 2020 Cria
This incredible female was in the 2019 MLM Llama auction out in Indiana . Those of you that know us, know that if we really want something, we keep going until we own it.  Well this was the case with Reign. 
We can't believe that Mark & Susan Smith actually put this phenomenal female in the auction. Her dam, Mighty Joe's Daphine has only produced winners: National Champion MSF Show Stopper, MSF Showtime and Reign the 2018 ILR National Champion Silky Female at the Gathering!! 
We almost purchased Mighty Joe Young when he was about 9 months old; but some dear friends, Paul & Karen Swartz made that lucky purchase.