There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


DOB 8/3/2013 ILR 286413  ALSA 10101126 

(Maddix X GNLC Queenie)

GNLC  Spanx is out of Queenie who has been one of Great Northern Llama Company's prominent Dams. Queenie is 48” at the withers and some of her offspring, like Merlin, are even taller. Her line is one of the reasons Great Northern is known for breeding tall, elegant, athletic llamas. The line is also renowned for gentleness and an astonishing female birth record:
38 females and eight male births in five generations (as 2011).

 One of the important aliments of our breeding program is to breed exceptional llamas with great conformation, stretch, fiber and great temperament. 

In 2015, Wild Oak Llamas had finally reached our goal of incredible, proven bloodlines to our breeding program.  The IRS declared us a hobby farm and not a business. This set us back but we are not giving up. We sold off our foundation herd but have kept 5 females and one of our home grown males as a herdsire. Looking forward to getting back in the game.