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Herd Health
A Herd Health Program is basically a disease control program. When Wild Oak Llamas began to become serious breeders and increasing the size of our herd, it was extremely important that we develop a way to care for the health of all our llamas. We are so blessed to have a remarkable camelid veterinarian to guide us, Robin Skillman, DVM.She was able to help us work out a program to fit our specific needs. Factors that went into determining the proper program depends on the ranches location, available feeds, animal density, contact with other species and housing facilities.

We have a herd management program to help keep records of pedigree, vaccinations, weight, parasites, teeth, illness/injury, breeding etc. We have learned to run periodic fecal examinations to check our llamas for worms and make frequent skin examinations to check for external parasites. If we find something unfamiliar to us, we take a sample to our vet to run a more extensive exam.

Mary does all the worming and vaccination of the herd. Rick does the shearing and toe nails. Doing these items ourselves cuts down the ranches overhead and also give us more hands on to really KNOW our llamas and properly care for their well being.

When someone purchases a llama from Wild Oak Llamas, they also get a binder for that individual llama that contains current and accurate health records, show records (if the llama has been to shows), breeding and birth records as well as it's ILR certificate.

Toe Nail trimming
Cria getting Colostrum Transfusion by Robin Skillman
Shearing Clinic held at our ranch
We produce hydroponic barley spouts as added supplement for their nutrition
Fighting teeth should be filed down for safety. Extremely sharp and can be used as weapons against other llamas or people.