There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


(GNLC  Caspian  X  LUA Bravado's Hope)

DOB 6/7/2013/ ILR  286428 / ALSA 1011285

After selling off our main foundation herd, we were given the opportunity by Darrell & Merlene Anderson to purchase this great male.  At the time, we were in the process of purchasing our property in Bend Oregon; but not sure when we would be closing.  Ron & Gail Wilkinson were gracious enough to take deliver of Camryn from the transporter and kept him at their ranch until we moved up to Bend.  What a blessing we have had with the awesome friends we have made in the llama industry.

We are excited to see what this great male will add to our new breeding program.  Stay tuned!!