There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!

MY LLAMA'S   by Larry Howland  

I searched the earth from west to east
   To find a most peculiar best.
'Twas then I saw a grand parade
of mammals God had custom made.

He gave to them the strongest name
For there's no other quite the same.
With two small aa's and double ll's
A llama neither talks nor spells.

An almost camel with no humps
Banana ears and regal rump.
They last for days without a drink,
Yet they don't wither, faint, or shrink.

They also like to advertise
When it is time to criticize.
For when they're mad and in a snit
They hum, and hiss, and even spit.

So many things I fetch and get
It's hard to know who is the pet.
One thing is clear for all to see
My llama's think that they  own me.

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