Llama can be a lot of fun!  

He can be your caddie on the golf course

Pack your gear when you go hiking

Pull you in a cart

Alpacas and Llamas are becoming popular at wedding

They also go into schools to teach kids about llamas

We also have fun going into parades with our llamas

This is Papucho visiting a Senior Citizens home

We compete nationwide with other llamas in Halter Classes.

Judging is evaluating a lama on its type, quality, conformation, movement, soundness, fiber quality and disposition relative to (1) its intended purpose and (2) how closely it approaches the ideal lama. Judging involves being able to appraise the comparative excellence of two or more lamas. At this point, judging begins to assist breeders in selecting and culling breeding stock. Eye appraisal and pedigree studies are our most useful tools in breed improvement. Truly successful judges have several qualities which set them apart

Sapaveco's Champagne Ellegance won National Grand Champion Heavy Wool Female in that halter division in 2015

    LLamas also compete in  Obstacles    courses as well.

Llamas are quick learners. This is how you develop trust between you and your llama.  With this trust comes the ease of handling without stressing yourself or your llama. It is wonderful just to be able to walk out into the pasture and put a halter on your llama without any difficulties.