There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!


DOB 9/27/2017  ILR 290942 / ALSA Pending

(WOL  Chiri Rondo  X  GNLC Spanx)

This precious little girl was born just as a friend of ours, Lori Hayden, was pulling into our driveway. Just seems appropriate to name her Hayden. This is our first suri cria in a long time. Our weather has been a little crazy this fall, below freezing some nights and in the 70's during the day other times.  We have been putting coats on Hayden most nights to keep her warm since her fleece isn't dense enough to keep her as warm as the other crias  this fall.
We have certainly been blessed with some remarkable cria this year and are really looking forward to watch them develop into themselves.