Male llamas

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These are our incredible males here at Wild Oak Llamas. These are the ones that will be bred to our females to enhance our new breeding program. 

Ollendick Farms Camryn (GNLC Caspian X Lua Bravado's Hope) DOB 6/7/2013

GNLC Inspirato (GNLC Hightower X GNLC Swingtime) DOB 7/7/2015

MSF Summit (GNLC Crocket X WLK Milano)

DOB 2/28/2017

WOL Chiri Tumalo

(WOL Chiri Rondo XWOL Far Niente'

DOB 10/2/2016

RGA Mach's Duke of the Desert

( Argentine Mach One -ET X Lucky Flush ABSR)

DOB 5/22/2017

                    HOLR Vigilante's Armani

          ( CTF Renegade's Vigilante X Acaisha)

     DOB 6/21/2018     Co-Owner with R&G Acreas

This is our Non-Breeding Male.  He had a breathing issue at a young age which could not be determined to be a birth defect or a genetic disorder.  We therefore gelded him when he was 18 months of age. If it were a genetic disorder, a breeder does not want to pass it along to others.

Papucho (El Fuente X Kobra's Sahalia) DOB 6/18/2004 

ALSA National Grandchampion Non-Breeder 2008

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                                 Always consult your personal veterinarian for an ill llama or alpaca.


                                                              What is Berserk Male Syndrome?  Or ABS Behavior? 
A term that has been attached to overly aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, this behavior is not a fault of the animal but instead caused by incorrect handling of the animal by humans. Males that have been overly handled, cuddled, taken away from their moms, or bottle fed when they were young are prime candidates to demonstrate this dangerous aggressive behavior when they reach breeding age, about 18 mo. to 2 yrs. and become territorial. As an adult, they can be extremely dangerous and may suddenly charge, spitting and screaming, rear up or try to stomp their unsuspecting human victim.