WOL Sweet Abilene ILR 29400

MSF Summit X WOL Maleficent

Sold to Tammy & Jeff Smith of California

WOL Inspirato's Bowtie  ILR 291971

GNLC Inspirato X Aloha Heartstrings

Sold to 4 Ladies and Me and partnered with Jerry Ayers

WOL Chiri Rondo  ILR 284590

Silver Moon Chiri Alluro X Candiliesa

Sold to Frog Pond Llamas

WOL Dancer's Dyamond  ILR 292818

GNLC Inspirato X WOL Cleocatra's Dancer

Sold to Country View Llamas

New Leaf's Independence  ILR 291974

GNLC Full Tilt  X FFF Amatista

Sold to Dutch Flats Llama Farm

WOL Chiri Prevost  ILR 293838

WOL Chiri Tumalo X MSF Purple Reign

Sold to B Bar Z Llamas

WOL Inspirato's Rebel  ILR 294004

GNLC Inspirato X Ollendick Farms Brinley

Sold to Fritz Farms

WOL Summit's Roco  ILR 294005

MSF Summit X WOL Far Niente'

Sold to Robert & Barb Johnsom

WOL Chiri Ronda  ILR 292806

WOL Chiri Rondo X Maleficent

Sold to Sijama Llamas

WOL Chiri Silver Rosa ILR 292807

WOL Chiri Rondo X Chilean Rosalind RDRL

Sold to Hard Rock Llamas

WOL Camryn's Greyston  ILR 292808

Ollendick Farms Camryn X FVL Corraca

Sold to Andrea' Johnson

WOL Vigilante's Tatiana  ILR 293873

CTF Renegades Vigilante X Aloha Heartstrings

Sold to Frog Pond Llamas

Vigilante' Armani  ILR 292130

CTF Renegades Vigilante X Acaisha

Sold our half interest to our partners R & G Acres

WOL Inspirato's Maverick  ILR 294101

GNLC Inspirato X Sijama Zoya

Sold to Frog Pond Llamas

WOL Chiri Tanada  ILR 294006

WOL Chiri Tumalo X HD Midas Vanada

Sold to Criven Llamas & Fritz Farms

Aloha Heartstrings  DOB 9/7/2007

(WH Hot Manana X Hearts on Fire)

Confirmed bred to MSF Summit for a July 2022 cria

SOLD to Frong Pond Llamas

Ollendick Farms Brinley  DOB 5/26/2011

(MSF Blue Streak X LUA Bravado's Amazing Love)

Confirmed bred to GNLC Inspirato for a May 2022 cria .     SOLD to Frong Pond Llamas

WOL  Maleficent DOB 10/7/2015

(RDL Prince Nikloai X Heylee)

 Confirmed bred to MSF Summit for a June 2022 cria.  SOLD to Frong Pond Llamas