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Customer Testimonials

Hi Mary and Rick—attached is my “testimonial” about your recent clinic.
My thanks come directly from my heart!!

Dr. Lia Byers

The weekend that I recently spent at a seminar on Mary and Rick Adams’ Wild Oak Llama Ranch was spectacular! Mary and Rick were incredible hosts and tended to all of our human and llama needs with thoroughness and grace. The ranch is beautiful and filled with a wonderful sense of peacefulness and love. And the special attention that Rick gave my rig to be sure I would be as safe as possible on my trip home was much appreciated by both me and my husband (as well as my llama and alpaca)!

Cathy Spalding

Gentle Spirit Behavior & Training

2-Day Clinic

I had a transformative experience with Cathy Spalding at her Gentle Spirit Clinic recently held at Mary and Rick Adams’ Wild Oak Llama Ranch. As someone new to the world of llamas and alpacas everyone there gave me support and encouragement. Cathy created a safe space in which to learn, and helped us all help each other. The knowledge and heart and skills that I gained at her clinic have changed my relationship with my llamas and alpacas from one of efforts to control to one of understanding and love. I was able to use my newly learned skills immediately when I got home and the animals that share my life are so pleased with the change in me! I cannot thank Cathy enough for what she has done for me and the animals that I love.

May 2008
Dr. Lia Byers

Walt Schaff attending a "Clipper Party" here on our ranch back on April 26, 2008. This is when we have a person like EstherSue Sykes come and show folks how to shear a llama for comfort and or showing.

Walt also came a few weeks later and attend our two day Cathy Spalding Clinic on Llama Behavior.

This is a message we received on September 26, 2008 from Walt who has discovered an incredible new way of spending his time with his grand-children.

Because of my experiences at your ranch earlier this spring, here's how I'm spending my time lately. The two "boys" came from EstherSue and, so far, they seem to be working out Ok. I'm still waiting for a double rigging from Eagle Cart so that I can drive them together, which is what I think they prefer. Needless to say, the boys cause a lot of strained necks as we travel the streets of Fair Oaks. So far, we've stayed close to home, traveling only a couple-three miles, but that's likely to change in the near future. Lately, I've worked with them four or five days a week, but all of us need more practice especially when making sharp turns. Once we get a better handle on that matter, we will branch out. The boys are quiet gentle (EstherSue did a good job) and will follow me almost anywhere, including up onto the deck of our house and, if not for the blocking by my wife, through the door into the house.
The picture shows my two year old grandson taking his first ride last week, but definitely not his last. He quickly assumed control of the cart and told the llamas to go faster or slower as he saw fit. I have to remind him that "Grandpa should give directions" to the llamas to avoid confusion.
I continue to drive my llamas two or three times a week. I would like to drive every day, but I don't want to burn them out. We have branched out by driving down the bike trail. So far, I have limited the drive to about 5 miles round trip. I don't have a team adaptor yet as Eagle Cart has been slow on its development. In the meantime, I decided to order a second cart--with the team adaptor--from Dave Adkins, but it won't be available until after the first of the year. The "boys" continue to draw much interest whether we cruise the local streets or down the bike trail. On one drive, the President of our local Chamber of Commerce stop me to ask if we would participate in the Fair Oaks Holiday Parade the first Saturday in December. After making sure that I had a way to transport the boys, I agreed and now I'm working on costumes for my Grandson (and me), as well as decorations for the boys. I think we will have a blast!
So, again, thanks for including me in the events at your ranch--they paid off for me!!
Hope this note finds "all is well" with each of you and the ranch. Take care and maybe someday we will run into each other again.
Walt Schaff

(I asked Walt to send pictures from the parade so I can share them too)