2022 Show Season

Now that we have downsized our herd, and the loss of WOL Katrina, we only have three llamas to compete with in the rest of 2022.

1. Ollendick Farms BaBa Jo

2. GNLC Challenger

3. WOL Kahlua

Show Results

2022 Cascade Llama Show and Sale - April 27,2022

Judges : Anna Reese and Katie Mazac

 BaBa Jo's Results

Western Futurity - 1st Place out of 7

ILR Championship by Susan ILR - 1st Place

Silky Juvenile Female -1st place under Anna Reese

                                        -2nd place under Katie Mazac

Silky Female Divion - Grand Champion under Anna Reese

                                      - Reserve Grand Champion under Katie Mazac

                                      - Grand Champion under ILR

Best of Show Female under Anna Reese

GNLC Challenger's Results

Western Futurity - 1st place out of 4

ILR Championship - 1st place

Heavy Wool Male Yearling - 1st place 

WOL Katrina's Results

Western Futurity 18 months and older - 2nd out of 4

Heavy Wool Female - Yearling 3 1st places

HWF Division - 1 Reserve and 2Grand championships 

WOL Kahlua

Western Futurity - 17 months and younger 1st Place out of 7

Silky JV Male - 1st place 3 times and 3 Grand Championships


Ollendick Farms Baba Jo Got Best of Show Female under one judge

WOL Kahlua Best of Show Male under one judg

                                      Baba Jo got overall Best of Show 

2022 Happy Camper Llama Show at Hidden Oaks Llama Ranch in Estacada - July 15-17th